Applying the Law of Attraction to Retrain Your Brain

ImageEveryone understands the concept of training your body for sports and activities, but it’s easy to forget that you can also train our brains to get it into peak performance. If you don’t physically exercise, your body will not retain its tone. Similarly, if you don’t use your mental “muscle,” then it will not operate at its best either.  

No matter what kind of athletic ability people possess, anyone can change their fitness level and skill set by changing their exercise routine.

 A runner with years of practice who is fantastic on the track may not do well at cross-country running. They will need to adapt their workout routine if they decide to become a marathoner, or a tri-athlete.

You have also trained your brain to think and respond in specific ways. That training has taken place over your entire lifetime — training you have received from your parents, your teachers, your friends, and your various jobs.

Just as the runner can modify their exercise routine, you can also modify your thinking and retrain your brain using Law of Attraction tools.

You won’t have to join a gym to retrain your brain, but you will need to make a commitment and put in some effort. If you do, you will begin to see changes in your life, and so will others.

Don’t be surprised if people begin to ask what you are doing differently. They will notice changes are occurring in the way you present yourself and in events that are happening in your life.

Affirmations are one tool that many people are familiar with. Positive affirmations are like barbells; simple tools on the surface, but they have a powerful impact on your life when used properly.

Barbells give the best results with small weights lifted repeatedly over time. Lifting a barbell once a day or once in a while will not yield results. Trying to lift a barbell that is too heavy will not give you the strength you are looking for because you will either get frustrated or even injure yourself.

Selecting the correct weight, one that you can lift multiple times per session without getting overly fatigued, is crucial to successfully using barbells for physical fitness.

Think of affirmations in the same way. You will need to repeat your affirmations many times throughout the day, every day.

Consider the “weight” of your affirmation. Can you “lift” it with confidence or is it too heavy? Affirmations can grow as you do, so start with small phrases that build you up as your confidence and abilities increase.

The former couch potato used to have to drag themselves off the sofa to go for a run, but now with practice and determination, they are running marathons. Just as a physical body will adjust to exercise, your brain will adjust to your mental retraining. With repetition, the affirmations will become easier to say.  Your confidence and manifestation skills will grow and you will be truly running your life.


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