Parents Need a Break Too

Your kids get a nice break from their routines when school is out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a break, too. Sure, you probably don’t get as much time off as your kids or even as much time as you would like, but it’s important for parents to take a break from their routine too.

While you might not get three months off work, appreciate the time you do have. It may be that your vacation consists of long weekends camping in the nearby mountains.tent

Or perhaps you get a week or two away. Even if you can’t travel, you can still enjoy a “stay-cation” and enjoy local parks or museums that just never seem to fit into your normal schedule.

Some parents love to work so much that they don’t want to take a vacation. Others think they’re indispensable to their employers or perhaps even quietly fear that if they go away, their boss will figure they’re expendable.

Remember the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” This is true for adults and kids. Taking a break and have some fun is good for your mind and spirit. It can help you be a better parent, a better employee, and even a better and happier human being.

Think about different options for a break. What sounds good to you? Does your spirit cry out for a break away from the day to day cares? Perhaps you’d love a little quiet time at the shore. Are you stuck indoors most of the time? Maybe a river rafting adventure is just the right ticket.

Be willing to try something new. Allow your mind and spirit to be stimulated and to break out of the rut you might be in. Give your mind and body time to recharge and to get rebalanced.

Talk to your kids about a break for the entire family, but be sure to include your desires in the plan. So often, parents put their needs last. Remember, this is your break, too.  You and your family won’t experience all the benefits of a vacation if your needs aren’t being met and you’re just going along with the ride.

If your kids want to go camping and what you want is a trip to an art museum, see if there is a way you can have both. This can broaden the horizons of every member of your family and teach a lesson in standing up for yourself.

Your family might actually decide that you have plenty of together time at home and you would each prefer to spend a few days or a week on a special passion.  If you son wants to attend theater camp and your daughter wants to go to soccer camp, then what’s to stop you from having your own camp experience?

What may be the perfect vacation for one family is potentially sheer torture for yours. Don’t let other people tell you what you should do for your break(s). Pay attention to the messages you’re getting from your Internal Guidance System (IGS) and you’ll discover the right solution for your family. Take a little time off — you deserve it. You’ll come back refreshed and glad you did.

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