Coaching and Mentoring Our Children to Use Their Internal Guidance System

Children are very aware of their feelings. They may not know how to articulate what they are feeling to us, but they definitely know how they feel. Being aware of how they feel is an important part of learning to use their Internal Guidance System (IGS), which will help them to live their highest path as children and as adults.


If we can teach our children at a very early age how to listen to their IGS, then they will learn to trust that inner wisdom and be the independent teens and adults that we wish them to be.

When children are very young, most haven’t learned to hide their feelings yet.

While there are times that, in the moment, this may not seem like a good thing, being aware of their feelings and learning to trust in them is a key to their future happiness.

Conventional wisdom has us teach our children to conform. This starts up a contradiction inside them.

They feel one way, but are told to behave in another way. When this happens often enough, they begin to doubt their feelings.

We want to encourage our children to trust their feelings so they can then use their Internal Guidance System as a tool throughout their lives. We can help our children develop their IGS “muscle” by reminding them to check in with their feelings.

When they are faced with a decision and they do not know which choice to make, ask them to consider how they are feeling with both options. Does this choice make them feel happy or sad? Do they feel lighter at the idea of it or heavier?

Of course, the words you use will vary depending on the age of your children and their vocabulary level. You can even use a chart that has pictures of different facial expressions to help them indicate if they feel good about a particular choice or not.

You can also help your children to determine how to proceed by exploring ideas that come about from the initial choice. You help them navigate the stream of emotions, always steering them towards the ones that most excite them, just as you would paddle a canoe with the river’s current rather than paddling upstream.

By coaching and mentoring them early to navigate using their Internal Guidance System when they encounter other people who would steer them wrong, they have already grown confident in their IGS and ability to make their own decisions for their lives.

Our children will not always make choices that we agree with, or even approve of, but by allowing them the room to make mistakes, we are helping them to fine-tune their IGS. Of course we will do everything we can to keep our children safe, but beyond that we are here to guide, support, and believe in their abilities. 

We are not here to dictate what path they are on. We are all blessed with knowing our best and highest path and by teaching our children to trust in their Internal Guidance System, we will have the joy of watching them grow and follow the path that is right for them.


The Universal Law of Attraction: Teaching Children to Use their IGS

We all have an internal guidance system (IGS) even if we aren’t always aware of it.  It is that part of you that deep down knows your highest path. Your IGS is based on feelings. Listening to your internal guidance system leads to a rich and full life. Image

One of the best ways to help your children apply the Universal Law of Attraction is to teach them to use their IGS.  Begin with feelings. Teach children to pay attention to what their feelings are saying to them.

Young children are very aware of their feelings. They are open about telling others exactly how they are feeling — happy, sad, angry or excited.

They are quick to tell you what they want.  They begin life believing that anything is possible and that whatever they want should be granted. They have no filters.

Children “follow the fun” without thinking about it. They understand with their hearts, as well as their minds, that when they are happy everything is good and things work out.  A child’s IGS tells them that whatever feels good is the right course of action. Children continue to believe this until others begin telling them differently.

As parents, we can guide children by encouraging them to trust that when something feels good to them, then it is right for them in that moment. We can teach our kids to look beyond the moment and determine if a choice will serve them long term.

Some things, like ice skating at an early age when parents worry that they could be hurt,  shouldn’t be hindered, if it indeed makes their child happy. The challenge is really for parents. It will serve a parent  to release the need to control circumstances, especially when related to their own fears.

We don’t trust that children have an internal guidance system or can use it wisely. Teaching them to recognize what their internal guidance system is communicating to them is more valuable than telling kids what choices they should make.

You can teach a child how to set his or her intentions by asking what the child wants immediately and what the child wants at a future time. Take time to let the child verbalize their immediate and long-term desires.

By coaching and mentoring, you can help your child to understand the difference and develop the ability to look farther into the future to where the child wants to be and what the child ultimately wants to have. If we can teach our children to know what their feelings are communicating, and trust those feelings and focus on their intentions, we can help them transition through childhood into their teen years and adulthood, knowing they possess everything inside themselves to create their ideal lives.


Seen and Unseen — The Universal Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction is the belief that like energy attracts like energy.  One of the primary purposes of studying this law is to learn how to transform your life by controlling your thoughts to manifest the things you really need in your life.

Positive thought contributes more than just improving your state of mind.Image

The Law of Attraction states that by controlling those positive thoughts, you affect your own reality, and determine your own destiny.  Continue reading to learn more about how you can improve your life.

Universal Connection

The Universal Law of Attraction is based on the belief that everything, including our bodies, thoughts and desires (positive or negative) are all pure energy that vibrate at different frequencies.  This premise means all things are connected whether seen, or unseen, and that there is nothing in the universe that is unconnected from you.  The universal law of attraction teaches that you how to become one with the universal mind by consciously manifesting connections to the things you truly need and desire.

Like Attracts Like

According to the Universal Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy.  For practitioners of this law, that means that whatever our conscious or subconscious dominant thoughts or beliefs are, we attract into our lives those things, circumstances or conditions that match the energy vibration frequencies of our thoughts, desires and needs. Sometimes, we attract things we may need or desire, and other times we attract things that we do not want or desire.  The key to the universal law of attraction is learning how to control our thoughts and desires so we create a situation that will attract those things we need and want in our lives.

The Perfect Match

The Universal Law of Attraction is neutral in every aspect. Thoughts are neither good, nor bad, and consequences are neither deserved, nor undeserved.  There is absolutely no judgment, punishment or reward system involved in the process. Instead, the focus is on learning how to bring like energies together. By controlling your thoughts, and finding places of pure joy and happiness, you send out your criteria, or needs and desires, in a positive vibrational frequency that will attract the perfect positive vibrational match.

Taking Responsibility

The Universal Law of Attraction is not about blaming others or blaming yourself for the conditions or situations of your life.  In fact, it is about how to positively make change.

When you decide to work on yourself, you are taking responsibility for learning to understand the power of your own thoughts. You learn why certain conditions or situations may be attracted to your vibrational energy, and how you can change your vibrational energy to create or manifest different outcomes. Taking responsibility for your own thoughts gives you the power to change them and that is the true power of the law of universal attraction.

Studying the Universal Law of Attraction will help you take control of your thoughts and your reality. More importantly, it will help you find that place of joy and positive thinking that will enhance your daily life and provide a sense of satisfaction and happiness.