Is Your Stuff Getting in the Way of Attracting What You Want?

cluttered roomLet’s face it, one of the main reasons that people want to learn to apply the Law of Attraction in their lives is because they’re unhappy with something that’s going on currently. They believe the Law of Attraction (LOA) will allow them to clean up their problems and their lives will instantly get better. They’ll immediately have everything they want.

It all sounds good and in theory, it isn’t exactly inaccurate.

So why doesn’t it work?

If you’ve been learning some of the Law of Attraction tools and have been applying them without getting the results you want, you might begin to believe the LOA doesn’t work.

Well, it does work, but not as neatly as you might like to think it will. It isn’t a matter of meditating a few times or learning a tool or two. You can’t just snap your fingers because the universe is bigger than that.

The most challenging aspect of applying the Law of Attraction in your life is recognizing the energy that you have going on all around you. This includes your thoughts and feelings, but it can also include your physical “stuff.” So if you aren’t getting what you want, you might take a look at whether you have inanimate objects that are getting in the way.

In an effort to be happy and live in the moment, you might often buy things. Since you’ve evolved beyond being nomadic and having to carry all of your possessions on your back or in their covered wagon, it’s a lot easier to acquire more and more stuff.

Don’t interpret this to mean that you should never buy anything again or that you must live a Spartan existence. You might choose to if that’s appealing, and many people actually enjoy living a simple, frugal life, but it isn’t a requirement.

Things are things, but they can also carry a lot of energy. They take up physical and psychological space in your life. If your home if full of possessions, then where will the things you want reside? You have to make room in your home and heart for the new things that you want to enjoy.

Sometimes this literally requires clearing out some of your belongings in order to have a place for something new.

Other times, it’s an emotional process of letting go. When you hold onto things tightly, it can be out of fear. You might be afraid that you won’t actually find what you want. Or it may be that you’re holding onto the past and that past is symbolized by your possessions.

You can honor your past, you’re allowed to have fond memories of your history, and you can even love and keep family heirlooms. Yet when your house is filled with stuff that does NOT have positive, happy energy associated with it, then that stuff can get in the way of attracting good things and experiences.

This is a great opportunity to work with your Internal Guidance System (IGS) to help discover where you need to let go and what’s actually serving you. You don’t have to keep something just because someone gave it to you or because it’s been in your family for generations.

Stop keeping things for your kids. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy or that are absolutely necessary. Get rid of the rest and then watch as the things and experiences you’ve been asking for begin to appear in your life as if by magic.

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