Stop Thinking about the How and Focus On Feeling Why

hand with soccer ballIn Western culture, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on thinking and doing. Other cultures recognize the importance of feelings in place of those things.

Your Internal Guidance System (IGS) helps you register how you feel about any given topic, person, or event.

When you’re in touch with your feelings, then we can “feel out” the right action for you to take.

There’s nothing wrong with being an analytical, thought-filled person.

The world needs people who can think through various situations and problems. The problem occurs when you rely solely on your thinking.

One of the best lessons you can give your kids is to teach them to stop thinking so much about how to do things.

Instead, you should all spend more time focusing on how you feel about why you’re doing these things.

The most successful people have strong emotionally reasons behind why they’re acting. It’s these feelings that give them the strength to carry on when the going gets tough.

The saying may be “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” but if you don’t know WHY you’re going, it’s a lot easier to give up. A better saying would then be “when the going gets tough, those in touch get going.”

Sure, there are some things that you’ll do “just because.” Some of your actions are habits; you do them without really thinking about them. Other habits may still require some thought, but you do them because you were taught to.

People tend to brush their teeth at least once or twice a day. Some people brush their teeth because they don’t want cavities. Most people really brush because that’s what their parents taught them to do. You might not have any strong feelings about the act at all, but it’s so deeply ingrained into your life that you feel funny if you don’t brush.

Other activities require more thought and commitment than brushing your teeth. Whether it’s studying, playing sports, or practicing a musical instrument, there are specific actions that you have to do in order to achieve the result.

In the beginning, these skills take most people a lot of concentrated effort and a lot of thought. They think about where their foot should hit the ball, how to hold their hands over the keyboard, what it feels like to sing from their diaphragm, etc.

With time and practice, it’s possible think less about the individual skills and you can string them together. Individual notes become a scale and then a song. You can run and kick the ball, passing it to teammates and scoring goals.

To truly master a skill and be successful at it, you have to learn to stop thinking about it quite so much.

You have to pay attention to how it feels and why you’re doing it. When you’re doing things because they’re what you feel driven to do, then you’re living your authentic life. When you do things without that feeling, you might still be able to do them well, but it’ll never be as satisfying and fulfilling as doing something you feel passionate about.

If you find that your life is filled with tasks rather than experiences that you’re fulfilled by doing, use your Internal Guidance System to help figure out how you can either modify your actions or change your course entirely.

If you find yourself doing something by rote, take a moment to see how you feel about the activity. Certainly there will be things that you have to do in your life that aren’t your favorite activities, but when you focus on why you’re doing them and that feeling, even the most mundane tasks can be positive experiences.

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