Spring Cleaning and LOA—Clear It Out to Attract More

spongeIt might be a little early for spring cleaning, but it’s a good time to prepare for that ritual — with a twist. This year, take the opportunity to do a thorough spring cleaning both physically and mentally.

One of the parts of the Law of Attraction that many people tend to ignore is that they have to have space in order to attract more into their lives.

The thing is, whether you’re talking about your home or you mind, you can’t expect to make room for anything if the space is already too full.

There are many shows on television about hoarders, so most people have an idea of how there is literally room for more stuff than you ever imagined in your home.

All you have to do is keep piling it up on top of the other things. Any horizontal surface is quickly covered with piles of paper, clothes, books, or what have you.

You can stack things, growing the piles until you have only a tiny path leading from the front door into the dark mass of things.

Even if you don’t hoard physical objects, many people are mental hoarders. You read, talk, watch television, and listen to the radio. Any quiet space, like the horizontal surfaces in your home must be filled. You’re so busy thinking and keeping your mind occupied that you don’t allow for any room to wander.

You know that hoarding is an illness and people who are diagnosed as hoarders need help. But how many people recognize the tendency in themselves? You don’t have to have literally maxed out the space in your home or mind to benefit from a good spring cleaning.

You might hold on to magazines because there was a great article that you meant to read. Five years later, it’s still there, unread. You have trinkets filling your shelves that you bought years before that no longer fit your taste or decorating style, but you still hang on.

In the same way, you hold onto old beliefs and fears. You cling to your old patterns even though they no longer suit you or make you happy.

Tap into your Internal Guidance System (IGS) to know what you do want. Use it to help you clear out the old physical and mental stuff to make way for the new stuff.

Getting rid of just one box of old stuff that you don’t need anymore can be freeing, so imagine the liberation of cleaning out the attic or basement.

Allow your mind the time to relax and be renewed as well. Filter the information that you put into your mind. Learn to be okay with quiet. Try meditating. On your next job, try listening to the sounds of nature rather than the tunes on iPod.

You’ve probably heard the saying attributed to Aristotle, “Nature hates a vacuum.” This truth explains part of how the Law of Attraction works. Instead of dreading spring cleaning this year, think of it as setting up a vacuum that the Universe will then fill with whatever you attract into it.

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