When Applying the Law of Attraction, Are Details Important?

When people are learning to apply the Law of Attraction, they want to be sure they get it “right” and worry so much about the process that they actually miss the point. You need to pay attention to how you’re feeling rather than ticking off a specific list of items. man in front of success chart

It’s your emotional energy that goes out into the Universe and brings back the experiences that match your vibration.

This doesn’t mean that details are never important. It’s just that so often that people get bogged down in the details that they forget about the energy behind them.

Let’s say you want a new house, for example.

You can spend hours looking at other homes, making a list of all the attributes that you want your new house to have, and even create a vision board with pictures of wonderful homes.

Yet you appear to be no closer to your dream home than before. Why is that?

Of course you need to spend some time gathering data, but are you gathering the right data? Are you merely creating a list of architectural details that don’t actually resonate with you and the way your family lives?

Be sure to spend time thinking about what’s important to you in a home. Let every family member contribute to your list. You may be surprised at some of the items that are crucial to your kids or even your spouse.

This list then becomes your “important details.” Look it over and review it with your family members every day. Now you can create your dream board and focus your collective energies on the house you have emotionally built.

Do you remember the movie, Miracle on 34th Street with Natalie Wood as the little girl, Susan? Susan wanted to live in a house rather than their apartment in the city. She even found a picture of the house and looked at it every night. She was focused. She didn’t look at other houses; just the one she wanted. She knew what it felt like to live in that house.

Then one day when she and her family were out for a drive, they took a wrong turn. Of course that led to the family driving right by Susan’s dream house, which just happened to be for sale. This may have been a Hollywood movie, but it really is how the Law of Attraction can work in your life. You never know when the wrong turn will be exactly what you need in order to fulfill your dreams.

Don’t get bogged down in the details that don’t really matter to you and focus on the ones that bring you the feeling you want.

Granite countertops may look beautiful and be the current style, but maybe what you really want is to feel like you’re part of the family activities when you’re in the kitchen. In that case, your dream house may have dated counters, but an open floor plan that allows you to help the kids with their homework as you make dinner.

Whether you’re looking for a new house, a car, a job, or a new love interest, you can apply this same principle. Yes, details matter. Just make sure they’re details that are important to you, emotionally, instead of a laundry list of items that might just be nice to have.

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