You Can Have Anything You Desire in the Universe

I recently heard this story and think it’s a wonderful metaphor for your Internal Guidance System and applying the Law of Attraction in your life. woman with shopping bags

A woman was walking downtown one day when she spotted a new store and decided to check it out. She couldn’t tell what sort of shop it was and she asked the clerk what they sold there.

“Anything you desire,” he answered.

At first glance, she saw nothing she wanted and felt discouraged.

Knowing her wallet was practically empty, the lady wondered out loud if there was anything that she truly desired in the store that she could actually afford.

The clerk then told her that everything in the store was free.

Upon closer examination, she could now see what was available to her.

There were jars full of luck, packages filled with hope, baskets brimming with satisfaction, boxes bursting with wisdom, and bags bulging with joy.

Summoning her courage, the woman placed her order, speaking with conviction. “I would like to have a glass of belief, a locket of love, and parcel of peace of mind. And plenty of gratitude and forgiveness, please.”

Immediately, she was handed a package, so small it easily fit in her hand.
Surprised she asked, “How is it possible that I asked for so much and yet it all fits into such a tiny parcel?”

Smiling, the clerk answered, “In this store, we don’t sell fruits; we sell the seeds.”

Whether you have plenty of money or are currently tapped out financially, the Universe will still provide what you truly desire. There may be many opportunities right in front of you, but like the lady in the story, you won’t even see that they are there until you believe you can have them.

In most stores, you choose between various material items. You can certainly ask the Universe for objects as well as a new job, an improved financial situation, or a wonderful new love in your life.

No matter what you ask for, you should not expect to walk out with your arms filled with boxes in this store. It isn’t that you won’t get the things you’ve ordered; you just won’t find them waiting and gift wrapped, right at the checkout counter.

The store represents all opportunities and choices available to you. You can have anything you want. It is up to you to decide what that is. The items that fill the store’s shelves will be different depending on who perceives them. If you listen to your Internal Guidance System, you will know exactly what will bring you the most joy and fulfillment. That is what you should order from the clerk.

Applying the Law of Attraction in your life is like tending to the seeds the clerk has handed you. By planting the seeds and giving them the attention they need, you know that you will get the results you desire. Getting what you want in life starts with selecting the right seeds.

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