Let the Law of Attraction Be Your V.I.C.E.

The Law of Attraction has become an increasingly popular view on life since the release of the movie The Secret. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common myths associated with the law thanks to this popular movie and this is why so many people insist that the Law doesn’t work. However, you will benefit the most by deliberately tapping into the laws of the Universe as opposed to assuming they don’t exist.


The Laws need to be practiced in a very specific way to reap the full benefits. 

This does not pertain to a wicked or immoral type of behavior.To remember what must actually be done to have the Law of Attraction work for you, simply remember it is your V.I.C.E.

Instead, it is a clever acronym designed to help you remember the basic foundations of the Law of Attraction:

  • Visualize.
  • Intend.
  • Confidence.
  • Energy.

Visualize. In order to achieve your desired outcome, you must visualize it happening. Daydreaming is actually quite good for you and every aspect of your life. Visualizing helps you to be positive. It helps you to further your intention to do something, so if you want that trip to London or that raise in your paycheck, you have to focus and think about it. 

Intend. Intention is the key to success. By strongly intending to do something, the part of your brain controlling action kicks into gear. This prompts you to do something that will help you meet your strong intentions. This part of the Law of Attraction has been proven by scientists in a number of different studies.

Confidence. You cannot be hesitant when it comes to the Law of Attraction. You must be confident that what you are focusing on will come true. You cannot trick this law or yourself — if you are not truly confident, then it will affect the outcome of events. Always be 100% confident that things will turn out the way you want them to.

Energy. Positive energy will attract positive results. Negative energy will attract negative results. Obviously you want the positive results. For this reason, you must maintain a positive outlook on life. Never expect the worst outcome, only the best.  Being positive can only assist you in helping to manifest what you really want. 

If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, just remember that the Law of Attraction is your V.I.C.E.  If you can remember that simple acronym, you can be successfully working with the Law of Attraction in no time. 


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