Managing Negativity with the Law of Attraction

Negative energy can cause high levels of stress. The Law of Attraction states that positive energy attracts a positive outcome, but we shouldn’t forget the second part of this equation – negative energy. Image

There will always be negative energy and it will always attract an unwanted outcome.  

People with an excess amount of negative energy in their lives will never truly succeed, nor will they ever be happy until they make a new choice.

It is not until you rid yourself of this negative energy that you will be able to fully move ahead.

Negative energy can bring about all types of negative outcomes. These may be small, such as receiving a bill in the mail instead of a check or missing out on a sale you wanted to make.

They could also be large, important things, such as  succumbing to a dire illness, being denied a home loan, or not being able to keep a job.

You may have noticed that people who carry a sour outlook on life never seem to catch a break. This is because they have been feeling sorry for themselves, believing that nothing good can ever happen to them, and generally keeping a negative outlook on life which holds them in this place. If these downtrodden people only changed their outlook on life, they could then turn their lives around completely.

Let’s look at a few quick examples:  What you believe is what you create.

  • If a person believes that they will not be qualified for a home loan, they will not be. If they change their thoughts so that they believe they will be qualified, they will be.
  • If a person looks at an envelope and believes a bill is inside, a bill will be. If they instead think it is a check, they will receive a check.

Yet if negative energy already exists in your life, how are you to change your mind?

The task may sound difficult or even impossible. Yet, in reality, it is so incredibly simple there is no reason to put it off. In order to eliminate the negativity in your life, all you have to do is think positively by focusing on things that bring you pleasure and focusing on your desires, eagerly anticipating them.

While it may require a bit of self-discipline and certainly practice, if you have not been living your life in a positive manner thus far, it is definitely possible to turn your life around.  When you feel yourself going into a negative spiral, do something you enjoy, eat something you like, or simply listen to some upbeat music. You’ll be amazed at how much more positive you feel!


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