The Law of Allowing

The Law of Allowing is a powerful corollary and a tool for practicing and applying the law of attraction.  When we practice the law of allowing, we are Imageacknowledging, accepting and finding joy in all that we are as well as accepting and being joyful about all that others are even when it is different from our own selves.

This is an important concept because it allows us to feel joy in diversity and let go of the negative feelings towards others who do not behave or react the way we think they should.

It allows us to celebrate not only ourselves, but others around us no matter how different they are.

The Law of Allowing is about letting go of the need to fight or resist. It is about focusing on the positives and appreciating the diversity in each other that powers creation.

If we couldn’t discern and be grateful for differences in people and things around us, we wouldn’t be able to choose. Free choice of thought is central to the practice of the Law of Universal Attraction.

When we are faced with choices that make us feel bad, we have the capacity to choose thoughts that make us feel good. When we are able to accept things as they are and stop fighting to make everyone conform to our own beliefs, the resistance vanishes. Without resistance, we become more open to the possibilities and to allowing things into our life.

It is also easier to be grateful for the things that come into your life without resistance. It may also seem easier to see how some of these things are connected to what we want to manifest.

The Law of Allowing connects us through the acceptance of our diversity whereas resistance causes us to focus on those things that separate us. This allows that resistance to trap us in negative thinking.

The Law of Allowing is about choosing thoughts that make us feel good and there is nothing more important to the practice of the Universal Law of Attraction. When we feel good, we are in alignment with our desires. When we have control over our vibration, we are the deliberate creators of our reality.

If there was no resistance and everyone was the same, there would be no stimulus to create a new idea or thought. Consequently, a life force cannot continue to be drawn out from within you because everyone needs a purpose and a calling.  There must be something that propels us to action in order to activate the energy to create and manifest the things we want.

Understanding the importance of diversity and being grateful for those differences is fundamental to our alignment and our ability to create our reality.


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