What Is Your Highest Self?

When you begin studying the Universal Law of Attraction, many references are made about finding your highest path or your highest self. What exactly is your highest self?  It is the part of you that resides in the non-physical world. Many refer to it aImages the soul or spirit. It is that part of you that accesses the wisdom that is a natural part of you.

Your highest self helps you find and understand your life’s purpose.

It keeps you in touch with your true passion and joy.

It is the “little voice” down inside you that always knows what the right choice is in any situation. If the choice that feels right and natural, it will bring you joy.

Some people think of their higher self as a pure background consciousness that guides us, offering up wisdom and directions about what step you should take next.  Often our conscious mind tries to block our unconscious mind so that it can take time for that wisdom to penetrate our conscious mind. 

The best way to think about this is that your highest self is you — the consciousness within your physical body as well as your higher consciousness that is the universe. You set your goals for life, which serve as your life’s own little voice that speaks to you and guides you with wisdom to discover your highest path and purpose. You are the one that has feelings that respond to your thoughts. These thoughts and feelings also create your reality.

Doubts about your own self worth or listening to your own fear can cause you to feel disconnected from your higher self.

How can you overcome feelings of fear, disillusionment and disconnectedness from your higher self? 

The first and perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you are connected to the universe and you have the power to create your world.  Learn to trust your intuition or your internal guidance system. Listen to your own desires.

Ask yourself this: what is it you really want to do today? Then listen to yourself. When you begin to trust your IGS, you may notice that even the things you ordinarily avoid start to get finished. They happen when the time feels right or when you manifest help.

You begin living in an inspired and integrated way because you are in alignment with your highest self.  Following the wisdom and direction that naturally moves you towards your passion and joy.


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