A Quick Guide to Manifesting Using the Universal Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction at its simplest states that everything, including our thoughts, is energy. An easy way to think about the Universal Law of Attraction is that thoughts become things or whatever you think about and really want, comes about or manifests itself in your life. smiley balls

Energy flows to whatever your attention is on. For example, if you are concentrating hard on a project, you usually find the right resources and people to help you get it done.

Often, it seems to happen by magic. This is the Universal Law of Attraction at work.  The law is always working whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Four steps to the Universal Law of Attraction

1.      Picture or visualize what you want. 

Use all of your senses and all the imagination you can muster to see exactly what it is you want. Dream it, see it, feel it, be it. It is important you can feel the feelings associated with having that thing. How does it make you feel?

2.      Intentionally ask for it.

Intentionally ask for that thing to come into your life. You must mean it. You must feel it   and you must be able to see yourself with, or in it. The important thing is to be able to picture it, because if you can visualize it, you can have it. Picture a joyous, happy life with that thing in your life.  Feel happy emotions when you picture that thing, and picture how you will feel when that thing enters your life.

3.      Receive it.

Be ready to accept whatever the universe gives to you. Believe that the thing you want is yours right now. Practice accepting everything you have in the current moment. If you want a Jaguar and you are given a beat up Ford truck, accept it with gratitude. Accept 100% responsibility for everything.

4.      Be inspired and act on your inspirations.

As you practice the Universal Law of Attraction, the universe will send you opportunities and events that will lead you towards successfully manifesting what you desire. Listen for your inspirations. As you ask for what you want and respond to the impulses and inspirations, you will manifest what you have asked for.

Just remember to stay positive and remember that the positive energy generated from positive thinking will help you to further manifest your greatest desires. With these four steps in mind, the flow of your energy will be more effective towards helping you apply the law of attraction.

10 thoughts on “A Quick Guide to Manifesting Using the Universal Law of Attraction

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  2. Great post…I am actually reading a LOA book now. This coincides with some of what I’ve been reading. Enjoyed it! Sometimes remaining positive when things aren’t so positive is hard, but I’ve been learning that when you begin to only focus on the positive that’s all that comes into your life. I look at it as the glass half full, glass half empty principle. Took me a while to understand it, but it’s slowly becoming more clear to me as I continue with my studies.

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  4. Gratitude for what you do manifest is very important. People often don’t realize that by not being grateful for what we have we are telling the universe we don’t want any more of it. Great article. Thanks 😀

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