The Universal Law of Attraction: Teaching Children to Use their IGS

We all have an internal guidance system (IGS) even if we aren’t always aware of it.  It is that part of you that deep down knows your highest path. Your IGS is based on feelings. Listening to your internal guidance system leads to a rich and full life. Image

One of the best ways to help your children apply the Universal Law of Attraction is to teach them to use their IGS.  Begin with feelings. Teach children to pay attention to what their feelings are saying to them.

Young children are very aware of their feelings. They are open about telling others exactly how they are feeling — happy, sad, angry or excited.

They are quick to tell you what they want.  They begin life believing that anything is possible and that whatever they want should be granted. They have no filters.

Children “follow the fun” without thinking about it. They understand with their hearts, as well as their minds, that when they are happy everything is good and things work out.  A child’s IGS tells them that whatever feels good is the right course of action. Children continue to believe this until others begin telling them differently.

As parents, we can guide children by encouraging them to trust that when something feels good to them, then it is right for them in that moment. We can teach our kids to look beyond the moment and determine if a choice will serve them long term.

Some things, like ice skating at an early age when parents worry that they could be hurt,  shouldn’t be hindered, if it indeed makes their child happy. The challenge is really for parents. It will serve a parent  to release the need to control circumstances, especially when related to their own fears.

We don’t trust that children have an internal guidance system or can use it wisely. Teaching them to recognize what their internal guidance system is communicating to them is more valuable than telling kids what choices they should make.

You can teach a child how to set his or her intentions by asking what the child wants immediately and what the child wants at a future time. Take time to let the child verbalize their immediate and long-term desires.

By coaching and mentoring, you can help your child to understand the difference and develop the ability to look farther into the future to where the child wants to be and what the child ultimately wants to have. If we can teach our children to know what their feelings are communicating, and trust those feelings and focus on their intentions, we can help them transition through childhood into their teen years and adulthood, knowing they possess everything inside themselves to create their ideal lives.



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