Parenting: The Universal Law of Attraction and Self-Esteem

One of the ways you can use the Universal Law of Attraction when you parent is by building your child’s self-esteem. The Universal Law of Attraction states that what you think and believe creates your reality.  This core belief is vital in developing your child’s healthy self-esteem.Image

Developing your own strong sense of high self-esteem is important, too, because parents are the natural mirror through which children experience their own worth. How you act toward your child has a great impact on their own self-esteem.

Take time every day to be grateful for your children.  Support them to develop into the wonderful human beings you want them to be by speaking supportive words. Praise is powerful! When your child tries his or her best to do something, praise their effort, regardless of how well they do it.  If it something the child really wants to do, encourage them to keep at it, and to follow their dreams.

Make time to integrate discussion about the power of thoughts and dreams, too. It is important that your children learn early on that our thoughts are important. Then, help them to understand that our ability to choose the direction of our thoughts is of great value. We can choose to think positively or we can choose to have negative thoughts. What we choose to focus on and believe will determine what we experience.

An exercise you can do with your children is to have them write out several negative statements and then have them rephrase what they have written as positive statements. If they have trouble doing this, provide some helpful hints.

Print out the following mantra or create your own and hang it in a very visible spot where the family spends time, or place several copies around the house where children can read the statement and reflect on it:

Thoughts are the beginning of all things. I have the power to choose my thoughts. I will choose to focus on positive thoughts.

Ask your children to write down three things they love about themselves. Write down three things you love about your children and compare lists. Celebrate those things and encourage their positive traits.

Treat your children with respect and always love them unconditionally.  Positive actions will help to shape and support their emerging self-confidence.  By helping them understand their own power and supporting them in the things they want to do, we help them to develop a strong sense of self-esteem.


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