The Universal Law of Attraction: Visualization

The Universal Law of Attraction holds that thoughts, feelings, and what we believe influence or create our reality.  CreaImagetive visualization is a tool to direct and focus the creative power within you to attract the things in life you really want.  Out thoughts and beliefs lie at the center of our creative power. Learning how to focus, and discipline our thoughts, allows us to create the things we want in our life.

Creative visualization is, in large part, an extension of meditation. It is purposeful meditation.  When we meditate we empty our mind. In creative visualization we begin with an intent- something that we are intent on bringing into our life. Maybe you are intent on finding love, getting a lot of money, or simply feeling happy instead of depressed. Whatever it is you desire, that is what you focus on creating.

Find a quiet place where you can focus uninterrupted.  You cannot focus if you are constantly interrupted or distracted.  It is good to begin your creative visualization session with a statement of intent like “ Today, I will let go of my depression and fear and I will see myself happy and secure. I am intent on becoming a happy and secure person.” 

The next step is to picture yourself that way. What do you look like when you are happy? How do you feel when you are happy?  Imagine yourself the way you want to be. If you are seeking love, see yourself with the person of your dreams and feel the good emotions that go with being happy and finding that love of your life until it feels real to you.

Sometimes using a mantra — a repeated phrase over and over — helps you to visualize and begin to feel what you are saying. It might be a phrase like “ I am happy, I am secure” or it might be “ I am thin, I am beautiful”. Whatever the phrase is, stay with it, repeat it over and over and let it fill your mind until you have a picture in your mind that fits with the phrase. You may find this difficult at first but the more you do it the easier it becomes.

When you start creative visualization don’t go longer than feels natural. 5-10 minutes is more than adequate. When you end your session let the pictures and the words in your mind linger and fade, but stay with the feelings of the visualization and then acknowledge gratitude for the ability to meet your goals for life.


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