Applying the Universal Law of Attraction to Leadership

The Universal Law of Attraction applies to every area of your life. Your career and/or leadership potential is no exception. When you learn to control your thoughts and you connect to the Universal Mind you can manifest anything you believe you really deeply want.

That deep want elevates it and gives it purpose in your life. When you Imageradiate positive energy and thoughts about your current situation and what the future holds you can manifest what you want from your life for your future career.

If leadership is something you really desire, and it is a purposeful part of who you are, you can manifest it.

The Universal Law of Attraction is all about learning to live in a place of constant joy and happiness so that you can radiate a positive energy that invites the things you really desire into your life.

Applying the Universal Law of Attraction to Leadership is really no different that applying it to any other area of your life — a primary skill you must develop to manifest the things you want from life include the ability to be intentional in your thinking. It is critical to practice intentionally choosing to think positive thoughts.

Choose to model positive behaviors, acting kindly toward others. Use words to build up the self-esteem of those around you. Intentionally think about what types of leadership qualities you feel are important. Think and see those qualities as positives, and then try applying them in your current job or work situation, when situations arise that want that type of leadership.  You may notice that people begin to view or treat you a little differently. When you begin changing your own thoughts and actions you begin a chain reaction of change in the people around you too.

It is important to tap into your own internal guidance system. Learn to observe how you are feeling. If you aren’t feeling positive, then you need to think about the way you would like things to be.  Your internal guidance system is that part way down that is wise. Learning to observe and intentionally choose to bring yourself into alignment with your all knowing self places you in that space of happiness and joy.

Once you are back in alignment and can connect with your source energy then you can focus on what you want and why you want it.  Live with an attitude of gratefulness for what you have. That is one of the steps that is important in applying the Universal Law of Attraction to a leadership career.

If you are looking to move up and jump start your leadership career it is important to acknowledge your current situation and be grateful for the opportunities it provides you. The next step is to intentionally choose to feel positive about your current situation so that you are living it with emotions of joy and happiness.

The final step is to look forward with those same feelings of joy, happiness and expectation to those things that you really want for your leadership career.

How can you do that? Visualize feeling excited about the future state of your career. See exactly what you want in your mind.  Focus on what you want and why. Visualize actions that are aligned to what you want in the future. Believe that what you want can happen.

Living from that place of joy and happiness, and learning how to visualize what you want for your future will help you make those seen and unseen connections with the Universal Mind. With intentional positive thinking and actions you will attract a matching energy that makes it possible to manifest the leadership career you seek.


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