Seen and Unseen — The Universal Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction is the belief that like energy attracts like energy.  One of the primary purposes of studying this law is to learn how to transform your life by controlling your thoughts to manifest the things you really need in your life.

Positive thought contributes more than just improving your state of mind.Image

The Law of Attraction states that by controlling those positive thoughts, you affect your own reality, and determine your own destiny.  Continue reading to learn more about how you can improve your life.

Universal Connection

The Universal Law of Attraction is based on the belief that everything, including our bodies, thoughts and desires (positive or negative) are all pure energy that vibrate at different frequencies.  This premise means all things are connected whether seen, or unseen, and that there is nothing in the universe that is unconnected from you.  The universal law of attraction teaches that you how to become one with the universal mind by consciously manifesting connections to the things you truly need and desire.

Like Attracts Like

According to the Universal Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy.  For practitioners of this law, that means that whatever our conscious or subconscious dominant thoughts or beliefs are, we attract into our lives those things, circumstances or conditions that match the energy vibration frequencies of our thoughts, desires and needs. Sometimes, we attract things we may need or desire, and other times we attract things that we do not want or desire.  The key to the universal law of attraction is learning how to control our thoughts and desires so we create a situation that will attract those things we need and want in our lives.

The Perfect Match

The Universal Law of Attraction is neutral in every aspect. Thoughts are neither good, nor bad, and consequences are neither deserved, nor undeserved.  There is absolutely no judgment, punishment or reward system involved in the process. Instead, the focus is on learning how to bring like energies together. By controlling your thoughts, and finding places of pure joy and happiness, you send out your criteria, or needs and desires, in a positive vibrational frequency that will attract the perfect positive vibrational match.

Taking Responsibility

The Universal Law of Attraction is not about blaming others or blaming yourself for the conditions or situations of your life.  In fact, it is about how to positively make change.

When you decide to work on yourself, you are taking responsibility for learning to understand the power of your own thoughts. You learn why certain conditions or situations may be attracted to your vibrational energy, and how you can change your vibrational energy to create or manifest different outcomes. Taking responsibility for your own thoughts gives you the power to change them and that is the true power of the law of universal attraction.

Studying the Universal Law of Attraction will help you take control of your thoughts and your reality. More importantly, it will help you find that place of joy and positive thinking that will enhance your daily life and provide a sense of satisfaction and happiness.


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